10K & 5K Bun Run, 5K Brat Walk,
5K Dog Jog, & 1K Lil’ Brats Run
May 24, 2025
Madison, WI

Is water available on the course?
Yes, there will be aid stations along the course. Check course map for exact locations.

Is there a course time limit?
The Brat Fest courses will officially close at 11:00 a.m.

Is the course closed to traffic?
Parts of the 5K Run & 5K Walk courses will be completely closed to traffic and other parts will have traffic diverted to the opposite side of the road. Please be aware of your surroundings in case of any emergencies.

I’ve just found out that I am unable to run. Can I get a refund?
There are no refunds for any reason.  You will still receive your goody bag with your T-shirt and other treats. Funds collected are donated to charity.

What is the minimum age to run?
You must be at least ten years old on the day of the race to run. If your child is under age ten and would like to experience the excitement of the Brat Fest Run/Walk on a smaller, more family-friendly scale, we recommend the 5K Walk, held that same morning. You do not have to register children under 10 for the Walk as long as they are with a registered adult who is wearing a participant bib.

I’m a very slow runner. Can I still run in one of the races?
Runners of all abilities are welcome. Your starting time will be based on your normal running pace.  To keep a good flow to the course and to eliminate congestion, we ask that you please run with other runners of your ability. For example, if you normally run a 10 minute mile, you should line up in the area marked “10 Minutes” .  Elite runners will start first and then waves of runners, based on their normal pace from fastest to slowest, will start. If you do not know what your pace is, line up towards the back.  Remember, your time only starts when you step across the starting line, not when the gun goes off. If you’re running with friends, try not to form wide lines that make it difficult for other runners to pass.

Do I have to attend the packet pick-up?

You will need to attend the Packet Pick Up to receive your T-shirt, timing chip and race number.

What will I need to bring with me when I pick up my race number?
You will need a photo ID or a copy of your registration receipt to pick up your packet.

I am unable to attend the packet pick-up. Can a friend pick up my number for me?
If you are unable to pick up your race number at the packet pick-up, your number may be picked up by a third party. The person picking up your race number will need to have the following items with them in order to pick up your number for you: A copy of your registration confirmation that you received by email.

I am entered in one of the Brat Fest Run/Walk events. When will I receive my race number?
You will receive your T-shirt, race number, timing chip and other treats in your “Goody Bag” at the official Packet Pick Ups.

I am unable to run, can I transfer my number to a friend?
Race numbers are non-transferable. You are the only person who may wear your number. 

I’ve lost my number. Can I get a replacement?
Only one number is issued per runner. Lost numbers cannot be replaced under any circumstance.

I would like to cheer on my family and friends. Where is the best spot to watch the event?
Most spectators try to watch the runners cross the start and finish lines which usually leaves the areas over crowded.  Runners need your support the most during the run so any point along the course is great.  

I’d like to be at a certain point to watch someone run the race. How can I get there?
The key to getting the best vantage point is to get there early, plan ahead, and be patient both on the way to your vantage point and when leaving.

Where can I meet up with my family or friends after the event?
The best place to meet up with your family and friends after the event is in the Brat Fest grounds or a mutually agreed upon location. It is best to decide on a specific location to meet before the races start.

Is The Run To The Brat Fest Run/Walk a timed event?
For accurate times, the 5K & 10K Runs are timed using electronic chip timing.  The 5K Walk is not timed. All participants must wear their bib number on the courses for identification purposes.

When will race results be posted?
Race results will be posted online shortly after the race finishes.  

Can the time on my watch be used as my official time?
No, your  timing chip is activated when you cross over the starting line and is automatically stopped as you cross over the finish line.  Official times are taken from your timing chip.

Will my GPS watch be exact?
No, the course is measured from the furthest points and from the closest points and then averaged together to get the final course distance. Typically, runners will run to the inside (short side) of the course which can show a 5K run as only 3 miles or less.  If you stay to the outside (long side) of the course, a 5K course could show up as 3.2 miles or longer.  Additionally, each brand of GPS watch uses different satellites for tracking and may show different results from one brand to the next.